High performance products – what is behind it?

The statement made by the physicist Feynman in 1959, “There´s plenty of room at the bottom”, can also be applied to the development of polymeric coatings. Even if we are concerned with the macroscopic properties of systems, the interventions at the molecular level in their later final state show impressive effects. Thanks to the chemically tailored systems, products with excellent properties in the area of ​​adhesion, contrast, constancy, stability and light fastness can be produced. The clever combination of inorganic and organic, nanoscale and mesoscale particles or ionic and steric interactions allows the production of novel hybrids and thus convince by their performance.

The requirements for liquids used for coating and marking by means of digital processes, such as the Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) or Drop On Demand (DOD) process, are enormous not only with regard to the surface to be marked. The stable constancy of products which are permanently used in the production plant is also decisive, since the more constant the chemical / physical parameters of marking and coating fluids are, the more reliable a production process is.

Both our digital and conventional fluids guarantee a constant quality of application.

In addition to various and application-related standard products, we also offer you the possibility to develop solutions specifically tailored to your application.

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