The use of volatile organic compounds (so-called VOC`s) in fast-drying systems allow extremely high production speeds to be achieved. However, these systems, which are classified as highly flammable, are not always necessary. For sucking surfaces such as cardboards, paper or lacquered surfaces, etc., our developed non-flammable fluids are used. This does not lead to any disadvantages with regard to production throughput. The non-flammable fluids have been designed for highest production requirements and guarantee trouble-free coating or marking. Here too, an ionic functionalization proves to be pioneering and guarantees a lasting stability for the lightfast systems.

Due to the absence of VOC`s, an explosive atmosphere can not be generated. There will be no odor pollution and thus simplified conditions and requirements for the production environment will be created.

As a result of the chemical composition, these systems are excellently suitable for the marking of suction surfaces, but can also be used for coated surfaces using additional dryers or fans.



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