Our fast-drying (based on organic solvents) product series are both ionic and pigmented systems which, after application to the surface, have a drying time of less than 2 seconds due to the evaporation of organic solvents (applied by the Continuous Ink Jet method). Depending on the formulation, these coatings or markings are already scratch-resistant and possess their full chemical or physical performance after this short time.

Thanks to an innovative functionalization of the particles used, the liquid systems are very stable against sedimentation, even at low viscosity and extremely high particle content, thus ensuring a consistently high quality during their use.

These functionalized surfaces serve not only for stability but are already a first step towards the later properties and thus also the key to the performance of pigmented lacquer systems.

By means of this strategy ceramic materials, metals or plastics such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PA (polyamide) or PE (polyethylene) can be coated with lasting durability. In order to achieve sufficient adhesion to elastomers, such as silicone, reactive formulations can be thermally activated.

The specifically developed hybrid systems therefore have application-oriented properties and are therefore suitable for a wide range of process requirements, such as alcohol resistance, color change or mechanical resistance.


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